ISO 9001
Aquaterra Energy is certified by ISO 9001, the internationally
recognised standard for internal Quality Management.

ISO 14001
Aquaterra Energy is certified by ISO14001 for its Environmental Management System, and utilises the
ISO 14001:2004 management tool to identify and control the environmental impact of its activities, products or services and to improve its environmental performance.

Aquaterra Energy is part of First Point Assessment 
(FPAL), the oil and gas supply chain database for the UK and The Netherlands, a division of Achilles Information Limited. FPAL Supplier Number 10050588.

Aquaterra Energy is part of Achilles, one of the largest international supplier management service providers, helping companies to manage commercial, health, safety, environmental and corporate social responsibility-related risks across the supply chain. Achilles Id. 26537

Aquaterra Energy is an accredited member of The Institution of Mechanical Engineers.
Aquaterra Energy is a member of the Institution of Civil 
Engineers (ICE) and its training scheme was approved by ICE in October 2010.

British Safety Council
Aquaterra Energy is a member of the British Safety
Council, British Safety Councilhelping organisations to manage legislation and compliance, as well as raising health, safety and environmental standards.

OHSAS 18001British Safety Council
Aquaterra Energy is certified to OHSAS 18001 for its
Occupational Health and Safety Management System,
demonstrating a rigorous approach, and company-wide
commitment to the management of health and safety.