Rig and riser monitoring system

Providing monitoring that matters.

Why rig and riser monitoring system?

Your wells matter to you. They also matter to us, which is why Aquaterra Energy have developed a range of cost-effective riser and rig monitoring systems and equipment for use on jack-up rigs and shallow water field development platforms.

By providing real-time data on operating limits, our wide-range of monitoring systems and equipment can provide the opportunity to simultaneously enhance the safety of your operations and reduce rig-time costs. For example, using the data to facilitate safer extensions of operating windows.

The benefits of our systems are clear:

  • Allows for safer operations
  • Cost-effective
  • Easily accessible data
  • Ability to monitor conductors and riser systems, as well as platform/rig motion

All of our monitoring systems and equipment benefit from near to real-time data. Our systems can also be configured to either store data locally offshore, or transmit data to onshore operations, for evaluation, processing and reporting.

Monitoring systems and modules include, but not limited to:

  • Strain gauges for riser and conductor fatigue monitoring
  • Accelerometer based platform/rig motion monitoring
  • Power Spectral Density (PSD) for structures
  • Wave radar for monitoring wave height and period
  • Current measuring devices
  • Anemometers

The fusion of high-fidelity data from these systems, supported by our in-house expertise, provides accurate asset information. This therefore enables improved real-time decision making on maintenance activities and facilitates enhanced health and safety. In addition, a better understanding of fatigue life can contribute to the extension of asset life.

All of our systems are supplied with heavy duty housing as standard, providing maximum impact protection, preserving critical accuracy of the instrumentation. Additionally, our life-of-field solutions are all backed by maintenance and service experts.

Our systems have been in use for over three years on the Culzean platform, in the North Sea.

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