Doing right by the planet, people and principles of governance.

Our ESG approach

We have always aimed to manage our business as responsibly as possible, and we are pleased to take the next step to collate and communicate our progress according to environmental, social and governance (ESG) principals.

Though some may wonder how a business that primarily operates in the oil and gas space might take an ESG-led approach, we reject any notion of contradiction. The energy transition is well underway, but for as long as there is an oil and gas sector, it must operate as efficiently and as respectfully toward the environment as possible.

That’s what our products and services are all about. And today, we are finding exciting new opportunities for our products and services across the broader offshore energy spectrum, from carbon capture (usage) and storage (CCS/CCUS), to decommissioning.

And as for the ‘S’ and the ‘G’? We have always ensured that our local communities benefit from our presence and have done our best to put in place the processes to manage our company the right way.

“We have always aimed to manage our business as responsibly as possible, but today’s business environment rightly requires more rigour, and pushes us to codify and communicate our progress.”

James Larnder, MD

“Our Sea Swift platform can be fully powered by renewables, such as wind and solar – eliminating the need for diesel power generators and their emissions.”

Stewart Maxwell, Technical Director

Our focus areas:

In numbers

In 2020, we made an incredible impact on how we operate with planet, people and governance in mind. See some of our results here:

  • 30% less steel

    Our Sea Swift platform is designed with up to 30% less steel than off-the-shelf jacketed option

  • 85% recycling

    of total waste in 2020

  • 300,000 hours

    We provided 300,000 hours of paid employment for a local community in West Africa

  • 25%

    of our managers are female

  • 2,648 days

    since our last lost time injury at the end of 2020

  • 108 people

    have undergone anti-bribery training

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