Doing right by the planet, people and principles of governance.


Our ESG approach

At Aquaterra Energy we are committed to conducting our operations responsibly. We proactively look for ways to minimise environmental impacts and ensure social responsibility and corporate governance relating to our employees, sites, clients, communities, and supply chain worldwide.

In developing our ESG strategies, we proactively seek to align our operations to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and industry best practices, seeking independent assessment and reporting of our provisions and performances to ensure that we remain on track to deliver our commitments.

Our guiding principles:

  • Transparent, best in class operations
  • A commitment to minimising our own impact on the environment
  • An innovation mindset to develop new technologies for our clients to create operational efficiencies and support their decarbonisation efforts
  • Continuous development of our people, supply chain and communities
  • Leave where we operate better than when we found it, by engaging with in-country suppliers to offer learning and employment opportunities

We aim to exemplify these principles throughout our activities, whether relating to environment, social or governance or – to use less formal nomenclature – our Planet, People and Principles of Governance (PPP) approach.

Though some may wonder how a business that has primarily operated in the oil and gas space might take an ESG-led approach, we reject any notion of contradiction. The energy transition is well underway, but as long as there is an oil and gas and offshore energy sector, it must operate as efficiently and respectfully toward the environment as possible.

By working with an independent third party, we have evaluated our operational carbon footprint and are proud to be in our third year of achieving carbon neutrality for all sites, globally. We remain committed to reaching Net Zero by 2030, or sooner and have developed our own plan to help us further decarbonise our global operations.

“This is our third annual ESG report, and with each year, the value of this exercise becomes clearer. This report is more than a matter of documenting a list of initiatives, achievements, and targets – it has served as a means of distilling and concentrating the culture and spirit of Aquaterra Energy, which I really believe is entwined with ESG.

We remain committed. Committed to ESG; committed to our core pillars of planet, people, and principles of governance; and committed to driving the business forwards as we do so.”

James Larnder, MD

“I truly believe ESG is embedded in the Aquaterra Energy culture, but as QHSE and Sustainability Director, it is perhaps closer to my heart than most. I would like to congratulate my colleagues for their commitment and energy in this regard and thank them for not becoming complacent – it is clear that we can always do more, and that there is appetite to make it happen.”

Simon Hatson, QHSE and Sustainability Director

Our focus areas:

  • Planet

    We are a carbon neutral organisation, committed to reaching Net Zero by 2030 or sooner. We support our clients with their own decarbonisation efforts by creating efficient engineering solutions, supporting the energy transition with new energy technologies and by offering a carbon neutral option within supply chains.

  • People

    We are a close-knit team who continually push boundaries to deliver excellence. Quite simply, our people are at the centre of everything we do, and we aim to be a business at the core of the communities we exist within. Our commitment is to do right by both groups.

  • Principles of governance

    Good governance of our operations is fundamental to our way of working. Through published and audited procedures, processes, and management systems, we seek to ensure that our operations and technical output are accountable, transparent, and ethical, in accordance with industry best practices.

In numbers

In 2022, we made an incredible impact on how we operate with planet, people and governance in mind. See some of our results here:

  • 11549 tCO2

    of CO2 was offset in 2022

  • 96%

    recycling of total waste in 2022

  • 33%

    of our board are female

  • 150%

    growth in our renewable energy team

  • Top 1%

    of companies on EcoVadis

  • 29,000 tCO2

    savings created for our customers

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