Pre-FEED engineering and FEED studies

Our pre-feed engineering expertise, alongside early-stage engineering strategies have been designed to support your offshore oil and gas, CCS, wind, and green hydrogen developments and projects.

Expert project support with pre-FEED engineering

During the crucial early stages of any offshore energy project, the opportunity to shape the outcome and maximise cost and efficiency savings is at its peak. Our experienced team is dedicated to partnering with you to fully realise your strategic objectives and provide the best end-to-end solution for your field development needs, whatever they might be.

We leverage our extensive offshore experience to provide you with an effective approach that minimises risk and maximises results, with a special focus on engineering strategies, including pre-FEED. Whether you’re exploring offshore oil and gas reserves, looking to safely store CO2 offshore, investigating the potential of offshore wind, or pioneering offshore green hydrogen production.

Pre-FEED engineering has never been more important, learn why engaging with this strategy in your development stage can be the difference between success and failure.

Oil and gas developments

We have a proven track record of delivering comprehensive concept select, pre-FEED, and FEED studies that will support your oil and gas development from start to finish.

  • We help you identify the most promising concept that is aligned to your goals and requirements – whether it’s a subsea development, or dry tree platform project.
  • We conduct detailed pre-FEED assessments, refining the chosen concept, optimising design, assessing risks, and ensuring a solid base for future phases.
  • We develop detailed engineering packages – collaborating with you to finalise specifications, procure equipment, and establish schedules and budgets.

Carbon capture and storage

Concept select, pre-FEED, and FEED studies are crucial for the long-term integrity of offshore carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects. We can assess factors such as storage site suitability for both new and legacy formations, provide support in site planning, monitoring and measurement plans, and how best to re-enter legacy wells.

  • Evaluation of approaches and site suitability, including detailed pre-FEED assessments and risk identification.
  • Repurposing existing assets through subsea or dry tree approaches, asset simplification, and upgrades to optimise CCS operations for long term efficiency and ease of maintenance.
  • Comprehensive assessment and engineering for asset life extension, including slot addition, subsea well tiebacks, and repurposing of legacy wells into monitoring wells.
  • Detailed FEED assessments and development of comprehensive engineering and delivery packages leveraging our offshore expertise and industry-leading CCS solutions.

Offshore wind

Whether you’re an experienced offshore wind operator or an oil & gas operator looking to harness the power of offshore wind in your region, our offshore wind team can support you with identifying the best route forward.

  • Feasibility and in-depth analysis for regions looking to enhance their offshore wind infrastructure, or for those starting from scratch – assessing factors such as technological, environmental, and economic for a comprehensive evaluation.
  • Pre-FEED assessments and studies, including geotechnical surveys, environmental impact assessments, design optimisation and installation approaches.
  • Detailed engineering and design packages for your offshore wind project. Our team will collaborate closely with you to finalise project specifics, such as turbine selection, foundation design and sea swift substation design.

Offshore green hydrogen

The development of the offshore green hydrogen marketplace is fundamental the future global energy system as we transition from fossil fuels to a sustainable portfolio of energy sources. Early-stage engineering studies are a critical step in realising these ambitions and ensuring project success. Aquaterra Energy offers comprehensive services to support your offshore green hydrogen project from inception to realisation.

  • Assessment of project concepts, considering factors such as wind resource, electrolyser technologies, offshore infrastructure, and economic viability.
  • Detailed assessments to refine the chosen concept, evaluate technical feasibility, economic and commercial benefits, environmental impact studies, and risk management.
  • Comprehensive engineering and design packages, developed in collaboration to closely to optimise project specifications and ensure compliance with regulations.

Learn more about the benefits of pre-feed engineering, and how it can benefit your offshore development project.