High-Pressure High-Temperature Riser Systems

A light-weight, low-cost system for use from Jack-Up rigs.

Why our HPHT riser systems?

We’re renowned for innovation in our analysis and development of riser systems, and our High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) riser system is a product of that commitment to innovation. Our Dual Barrier HPHT riser system offers a light-weight, low-cost system for use from Jack-Up rigs.

  • Utilising field-proven technology
  • Well control string protected by outer subsea riser
  • Reduced opex via use of jack-up for subsea operations

The benefits of using an Aquaterra Energy HPHT riser system include:

  • Safe effective drilling, completion, workover and abandonment activities to be completed on subsea wells via a jack-up rig
  • Provides a structurally sound, pressure retaining conduit
  • Capable of withstanding environmental and operational conditions expected during the full HPHT service life
  • Allows jack-up drilled HPHT exploration well to be converted into producers (via subsea completion)

At Aquaterra Energy, our team will handle the complete scope of riser system supply, including analysis, structural design, FEA, project management, QHSE, inspection, testing, offshore procedure optimisation and the offshore installation.

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