Riser fatigue management

Our own market-leading fatigue management system for equipment run in multiple operations.

Why riser fatigue management?

Riser fatigue management is a vital tool for making the most out of your expensive riser assets, along with minimising any downtime and maintenance they will need. The fatigue damage from each operation is calculated using detailed global riser analysis and recorded on asset cards, meaning you can easily manage the fatigue damage, preventing failure over multiple operations.

  • Minimise your downtime and maintenance costs
  • Maximise the value from your expensive riser joints
  • Peace of mind – riser run joints with confidence across each operation

Aquaterra Energy’s riser analysis team have extensive experience in assessing the fatigue life of riser and conductor systems. Our team works closely with our in-house teams of design and project engineers to ensure all analysis is not only used, but understood and implemented across projects and equipment.

Undertaking fatigue riser management analysis can provide an estimate of your riser component’s fatigue damage from repeated environmental loading. Fatigue damages are recorded on fatigue cards for each of your riser components, meaning you can easily manage and monitor fatigue damage over multiple operations.

The fatigue cards we provide for each individual component record all activities, enabling you to make intelligent decisions on maintenance. This means that you’ll only need to complete necessary work, leading to a reduction in costly downtime. The analysis we complete will use your own operational data to ensure the fatigue damage calculations and records are representative.

This approach is used very successfully on our own subsea high-pressure riser systems and enables our operational teams to make well-informed decisions in mitigating riser fatigue.

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