Cleanout kits

In-demand, readily available and complete packages for equipment cleanout.


As part of our Aquaterra Express rental tools service, we have an extensive range of off the shelf rental tooling readily available for your call off, including complete packages of equipment cleanout kits for the following systems and operations:

  • Wellhead cleanout kit
  • Riser system cleanout kit
  • BOP cleanout kit
  • Hangar cleanout kit

Typically these drill string tools are used in various combinations:

  • Downhole Camera System
  • Bullnosed jetting sub
  • Multi-port jetting sub
  • Single port jetting sub
  • Centraliser
  • Rotary brush cleaning tools (single and combination)

By using our Aquaterra Express service for the provision of your offshore tools, you will not only reduce the CAPEX on your project, but still also ensure a great quality tool is delivered for the job it was intended for and when it is needed by.