Tension Monitoring System

Live electronic pressure monitoring

Why our Digital Tension Monitoring System?

Our Digital Tension Monitoring System has been specifically designed to remotely measure, monitor, display and record the tension applied to riser and conductor systems, incorporating both local and remote alarm systems. 

All riser and conductor tensioning systems must be monitored to ensure that the tension being applied is within the range of tolerance for the equipment; this is calculated during the riser analysis process. This ensures that the riser or conductor does not experience excessive strain, which could cause structural or fatigue failure. Previously, tension systems required a technician to manually read and record tensions approximately three times per every 12 hours with few ways to alert operators to a tensioning issue between physical inspections. 

Our Digital Tension Monitoring System removes the need for manual tension monitoring. It works by electronically measuring the tension applied to the riser or conductor by using pressure transducers which turn hydraulic pressure within cylinders into an electronic reading. The outputs from these pressure transducers can be read remotely from an ATEX approved tablet, a control room PC or over a secure internet link anywhere in the world. 

The configuration and set up ensures a best practice approach and consideration to fleet angles, rigging, nitrogen pre-charge, plus level of active or passive response reaction time – all of which can have an impact on operational windows and system fatigue damage. It provides instant notification of an alarm event, providing data for system fault finding/maintenance and to provide important supplementary data and alarms for low air, fluid or nitrogen pre-charge.   

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