Rig floor tension systems

In demand, readily available and proven in field rig floor tension systems.



At Aquaterra Energy, we use field proven technology to provide rig floor tensioning systems that are quick and easy to install and which significantly reduce rig time, as well as stack up height.

  • Ready to go
  • Cost-effective
  • High-quality

Sitting within the rotary table’s master bushing slot, our rig floor tensioning systems interface with the casing/tubing, enabling a significant reduction in height to be achieved. The rig floor systems use an upward force supplied via hydraulic jacks to cause a reaction against the plates, which sit directly on the rig floor, reducing rig time and enabling variations in spaceout to be achieved through simply altering the height of the jacks.

By using our Aquaterra Express service for the provision of your offshore equipment, you will not only reduce the capex on your project, but still ensure great quality equipment is delivered to meet the needs of the job it was intended for, and when it is needed by.


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