Riser Analysis Lite

For early project confidence.



Riser and conductor analysis is a vital tool when it comes to rig selection and system design and verification. But, unfortunately, all too often it is left to a later stage within project planning, and only comes into play after most major engineering decisions have been agreed and key equipment purchased. This can often mean that any equipment optimisation opportunities are lost, or problems uncovered can be expensive to change or modify. This could cause project delays whilst solutions are found, or even increase your future operating costs.

Riser Analysis Lite has been specifically designed for early project planning. It’s a low investment, rapid turnaround option that will provide a critical and fast review of your proposed rig choice and equipment and engineering/design decisions before they are fixed in place – and before important capital is committed. This service can also provide support in increasing investor and partner confidence at the crucial early stages of a project, reassuring stakeholders of project performance and equipment suitability in even the most marginal field.

What you get:

  • Fast turnaround: this analysis can be delivered in just one week.
  • To the point: a streamlined two-page report focused purely on equipment and project optimisations.
  • Budget friendly: a fraction of the full analysis cost and is deducted from the cost of the more comprehensive system analysis that comes later on.
  • Essential: information that will provide saving to your offshore operations that far exceed the cost of the analysis work undertaken.

At Aquaterra Energy, we draw on our multi-decade data library and highly experienced analyst team to fill in the gaps and provide informed project analysis, even at an early stage. Unless a major aspect of your drilling campaign and operation changes, this analysis will provide a solid basis to estimate project performance, delivered in a concise and easily digestible slimline report.

Conducting some lightweight riser analysis will provide you with the confidence that you are selecting the right combination of equipment and highlight any potential optimisations that can be made before it’s too late, potentially saving significant costs on your project.

To find out more, get in touch with one of our experts. Or learn more about our range of in-house riser and conductor analysis services.

Download this case study demonstrating how our riser and conductor analysis services provided over 1000x return on analysis investment.


  • Key features include:
  • Confidence in performance, confidence in value

    Validates rig selection and planned equipment purchases to optimise design.

  • Reduced costs and project risk

    Suboptimal decisions can mean delayed time to first oil or gas, and higher operating costs over the course of a project’s lifespan.

  • Strategic timing

    Traditional riser analysis often comes too late in the project planning process to address all of the optimisation opportunities it finds, such as changing the conductor size or connection type.

  • Complementary with full riser analysis

    This lightweight service lays the groundwork for more comprehensive system analysis later on, streamlining the process and proving cost-competitive due to demonstrating the feasibility of the design.

  • Supports well initiation

    Forms part of our wider Well Start service.


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