BOP Tethering System

Providing specialist support to BOPs when re-entering wells from a semi-sub rig.


Enhanced stability during well re-entry operations

Intelligently engineered to provide specialised support to subsea Blowout Preventers (BOPs) during well re-entry from a semi-submersible rig. Our tethering system has been designed to minimise BOP movement, support the entire subsea stack, and mitigate the risk of fatigue failure – ensuring your work scope is completed as efficiently and safely as possible.

We recognise that not all projects require a subsea tethering system, and we are committed to tailoring our solutions to your specific requirements. Our comprehensive end-to-end service encompasses thorough analysis, hardware optimisation, and digital monitoring, offering a holistic approach to subsea well support.

BOP Tethering Analysis

We begin by closely analysing your project’s specific needs – not all wells will require a subsea tethering system, and we understand that. Our team of in-house semi-submersible analysis experts will collaborate with you to first assess your project’s requirements and make the appropriate recommendations.

BOP Tethering Equipment: PROten Tank

Our intelligently engineered PROten Tank revolutionises traditional BOP tethering systems by using much less steel. Our design not only reduces transport weight, but also minimises emissions and manufacturing costs.

Key features:

  • A modular system that’s configurable to suit your projects unique requirements
  • Can be operated with ROV Manipulator, removing the need for additional ROV tooling
  • Can have single and dual tether lines
  • A 360-degree fairlead tether angle ensures flexibility when working on multiple well centers
  • Quayside installable ballast blocks – adjustable to match seabed conditions and tether line pull
  • Lightweight and easily transportable – weighs less than 10Te once ballast blocks are removed
  • Versatile tank shape allows anchor vessel deployment/recovery from the boat’s stern roller
  • Can be recovered in any orientation, even upside down!

Digital monitoring for fatigue and tension

We’ve embraced digitalisation to offer a cutting-edge BOP tethering and tension monitoring systems. This digital-first approach eliminates room for error and alleviates concerns about equipment failure. Real-time monitoring verifies analysis predictions and allows for swift adjustments in case real-world data deviates from expectations. Our inbuilt alarm system provides instant alerts in the event of a tension degradation or failure, enabling rapid adjustments.

For more information on our subsea BOP tethering systems and services, please contact one of our specialists.

Other BOP & Well Support Systems

In some cases, detailed analysis can eliminate the need for subsea BOP tethering. However, situations like abandonment projects with aging subsea wellheads may require additional support. For example, on projects involving old 13 5/8th first-generation wellheads from 1970, even modest vertical loads may be unsupportable. In such cases, a supportive structure, ranging from simple vertical frames to pin-piled structures, may be necessary to redirect loads away from the wellhead and into the seabed.

Contact us to discover more about our subsea support frames and project-specific systems.

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