Aquascope subsea camera systems

Essential for any drilling project with a requirement to obtain real-time and high-quality subsea images.


Why our Aquascope subsea camera systems?

Save rig time with our quick and easy to install, Aquascope Subsea Camera Systems. They’re deployed using the drill string, using dedicated and supplied running tools, or via a tugger wire in a purpose built protection frame. We have a range of Subsea Camera Systems for use in open water or wellbore operations:

  • Aquascope 1000 Pan and Tilt Camera System
  • Aquascope 500 Subsea Camera System
  • Aquascope Twin Eye Camera System

All of our high-quality subsea camera systems are readily available for rapid call of and project delivery, as part of our Aquaterra Express service.  

Our wide range of camera systems can operate at a range of different water-depths, to a maximum depth of 1000 metres. They come with digital recording as standard, enabling instant playback and visibility of your subsea systems and to ensure clear visibility all of our camera systems come with LED lighting, as well as additional external lighting if required.

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