SUREcut cold cutter

On-demand, readily available quality engineering tools.


Why our SUREcut cold cutter?

Aquaterra Energy’s field proven SUREcut cold cutter solution offers significant time and cost savings across both surface and subsea applications.

  • Ready to go
  • Cost effective
  • Field proven
  • Expert engineering

Efficient and easy to use, our cold cutter equipment can be operated by one person, plus its dual motor design ensures optimum reliability, and straight clean cuts for pipes up to 56” in diameter.

They are lightweight in design, and can be utilised to perform internal and external J and V chamfers. For rigs with air supply limitations, we can provide a hydraulically driven cutter, complete with power pack.

By using our Aquaterra Express service for the provision of your offshore tools, you’ll not only reduce the capex on your project, but still ensure a great quality tool is delivered for the job it was intended for, and when it is needed by.

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