Offshore wind

Intelligently engineered installation and mooring equipment for offshore wind projects.

Our offshore wind offering

As turbines grow taller, waters get deeper, and floating projects come closer to commercial feasibility, it has never been more important to apply intelligent offshore engineering principles to the offshore wind sector.

Our offshore heritage means that we are perfectly placed to develop and implement innovative installation technologies, helping project developers, vessel owners and service companies maximise their value in the offshore wind supply chain.

And as the industry pushes further offshore and into floating wind, our expertise in dynamic risers, cabling and mooring systems is directly and immediately applicable with minimal re-engineering required.

Engineering challenges we solve:

Next-generation foundation and cabling technologies

Installation challenges for offshore wind continue to evolve. As turbines increase in size, existing vessels may no longer be suitable for installation work without intelligent re-engineering. At the same time, new regulations on pile-driving noise call for new approaches grounded in longstanding offshore engineering expertise. We have a track-record of intelligent engineering to solve exactly these offshore challenges.

Dynamic cable and mooring system design

As an emerging technology, every floating offshore wind project is unique – there is no such thing as a standardised approach. That means every project calls for a platform-specific design based on deep understanding of how dynamic components perform in an offshore environment. With our history of dynamic riser, cable and mooring system installation and analysis, we are ready to provide precisely that expert-touch to this growing market.

Specialised floating offshore wind installation equipment development

As this market segment develops, it will need more specialised equipment to allow for efficient and repeatable installation across multiple units, as well as robust connect and disconnect operations. We are specialists in engineering offshore solutions that maximise time and resource efficiency and accelerate time to first operation.