Offshore wind

We provide the engineering, services and solutions for the future of offshore wind.

Fixed base offshore wind

The offshore wind sector is on the cusp of a second boom, driven by repowering projects and the advent of commercial floating offshore wind. This will drive even fiercer demand for assets and services – meaning lean, intelligent offshore engineering will be more important than ever. We develop and implement innovative installation technologies, helping project developers, vessel owners and service companies maximise their value in the offshore wind supply chain.

Our focus on intelligence and efficiency has been perfected over decades of working across offshore energy projects and we can provide the solutions required for the offshore wind industry of the future.

Floating offshore wind

As eyes turn to floating offshore wind as the renewable energy source of the future, we provide the expertise and equipment to solve the sector’s specific challenges.

Every floating offshore wind project is unique, requiring an additional level of expertise, bespoke designs and a deep understanding of the offshore environment. Our experience with jack-up installation can allow project owners to transport and install floating platforms more cost-effectively. And our experience with mooring systems and dynamic elements such as risers and cables can be directly applied to the challenges that come from switching to floating turbines.

Expert offshore analysis services

We have provided expert offshore wind analysis and supported the design and engineering for many different fixed and floating marine structures globally. We can find the optimal design for your specific offshore wind project – helping to accelerate your time to first operation and a faster return on your investment.

Next-generation foundation, cabling, and mooring technologies

With an ever-evolving landscape of installation challenges for fixed and floating offshore wind technologies there is no such thing as a standardised approach. Our track record of intelligent engineering positions us as the ideal choice to ensure project success.

Specialised floating offshore wind installation equipment development

As this market segment develops, it will need more specialised equipment to allow for efficient and repeatable installation across multiple units, as well as robust connect and disconnect operations. We are specialists in engineering offshore solutions that maximise time and resource efficiency and accelerate time to first operation.

Retooling vessels for the industry of the future

The first generation of offshore wind turbines were just 100 metres tall, while leading offshore wind operators are now replacing them with 300 metre skyscraper-sized turbines. As fixed-base offshore wind matures, early movers’ risk being left with stranded legacy assets from earlier generations. Our team of modification experts can help you adapt by retooling vessels so that they can install piles for modern turbines.

Modular substations

Versatility is at the heart of Sea Swift platforms and our Sea Swift substations are no exception. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, they can be designed to cater to the specific requirements of your wind farm project – whether you need a large, multi-platform substation or a compact and lightweight solution for a smaller installation.

To find out more about our offshore wind services can support your next project, get in touch.