Well services

Our innovative range of well services include drill centre templates, protective structures, centralisers and top-up systems. We champion collaboration, efficiency and safety.

Well services and solutions for efficient and safe operations

At Aquaterra Energy we are dedicated to enhancing the performance, efficiency, and safety of your well operations.

Our expertise lies in providing novel and innovative approaches to tackle problems, ranging from small to large engineering challenges. Through collaborative partnerships with our clients, we work closely to transform concepts into reality, offering comprehensive design and development services for equipment and structures.

Our approach to well services is defined by:

  • An understanding of the unique challenges faced when it comes to your projects and operations
  • Optimisation of speed to production
  • Improving efficiency across the board
  • Ensuring enhanced safety
  • The development of solutions designed to address the specific needs of your projects and operational requirements
  • A deep understanding of industry dynamics, and a dedication to developing solutions that exceed expectations

To find out more about how we can help support your project with engineering expertise or well solutions, get in touch with our team of experts.

Problem-solving & innovative approaches

Innovation is at the core of what we do. Our team of engineering experts thrive on finding novel solutions to the most complex offshore problems. By combining cutting-edge solutions, industry knowledge, and creative thinking, we develop pioneering approaches deliver exceptional results. When faced with unconventional challenges, we rise to the occasion, providing inventive solutions that set new benchmarks in the industry.

Overcoming complex engineering challenges

Whether it’s a minor engineering hurdle or a large-scale complex project, our team is equipped to handle it all. We take pride in our ability to navigate through various offshore engineering challenges, offering practical, efficient, and cost-effective solutions that meet your specific requirements. To learn more about how we problem solve, overcome challenges and champion ingenuity listen to our podcast where we discuss rapid route to first oil/gas with well re-entry and tieback engineering.

Leveraging considerable development expertise

With our strong focus on design and development, at Aquaterra Energy we have the capabilities to bring your ideas to life. Leveraging our technical expertise and state-of-the-art resources, we create robust and innovative equipment and structures that withstand the demanding offshore environments.