Riser & conductor analysis

We specialise in detailed conductor and riser analysis services, enhancing for improved performance and adherence to international regulations. We optimise for cost, design and risk. Our expert teams performs in-depth, bespoke analysis for unique offshore challenges, ensuring all requirements are met.

Trusted riser analysis for enhanced system performance

Aquaterra Energy’s comprehensive riser analysis service verifies and optimises riser or conductor system design to deliver performance improvements and meet international regulations and requirements. We are recognised globally for our work with riser systems and analysis, having won many worldwide contracts including the delivery of our 15,000 PSI subsea riser system, utilising the AQC-SR connector range, for the Babek project in Azerbaijan. You can also learn more about our riser contract for subsea well development with BP in Trinidad and Tobago

We believe that any analysis should provide savings to offshore operations that far exceed the original cost of the analysis work undertaken. This is achieved by providing recommendations that help to manage risks and optimise designs, driven by our dedication to a managed analysis service that promotes strong communication and project management. We are always looking to expand our riser and connector portfolio, especially regarding our commitment to net-zero. One of our most recent additions, the CCS system, has been designed to target complexities associated with stored and pressurised CO2.

Our highly qualified and experienced team provides in-depth analysis, highlighting specific project needs and building bespoke models to replicate situations in offshore environments, meeting the individual operational requirements of our customers. 

The benefits of working with Aquaterra Energy on riser analysis include:

  • Access to our expert analysis team
  • Savings that exceed the original cost
  • Enhanced operational performance
  • Powered by industry-leading software

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