Decommissioning and Life Extension Analysis

Our in-house riser and conductor analysis experts have supported many global operators with practical and efficient solutions for safe and efficient well re-entry and decommissioning of both surface and subsea wells

Why our Decommissioning and Life Extension Analysis?

Re-entering ageing assets can be challenging for many reasons. For instance, it is not uncommon for wells to change ownership and this process can sometimes cause valuable well information about the design and previous operations to get lost. Corroded and weakened conductors may no longer be suitable to withstand the well loads and environmental conditions. Or perhaps the conductors may need to support modern BOPs during decommissioning that are much heavier compared to when the wells were originally drilled.

At Aquaterra Energy, our dedicated and experienced in-house analysis team work closely with all offshore disciplines to reduce conservatism and find practical and efficient solutions to decommission old wells and extend the life of those that are still commercially viable.

We understand that collaboration is needed between the client, analysts, offshore technicians, and equipment suppliers (amongst others) to provide a smooth and successful operation. And rather than working in isolation, our project-managed, consultative approach ensures that all analysis work is completed whilst working actively with all other stakeholders involved in the project.

Our decommissioning and late life conductor and riser analysis services include:

  • Strength and stability analysis 
  • Corroded conductor integrity assessments  
  • Fatigue analysis (both historic and for decommissioning or future life operations) 
  • Optimisation of decommissioning equipment 
  • Assessments to aid rig selection
  • Well loading calculations and vertical tension optimisation
  • Minimum allowable conductor wall thickness assessments
  • Conductor repair analysis and optimisation

We have been actively involved with extending the life of conductors and decommissioning projects throughout the world, including the North Sea, the Middle East and Australia. We also have a wealth of operational expertise, meaning analytical solutions are tailored to be as operationally effective as possible, whilst saving costs and minimising carbon emissions where possible.

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