PROten riser tension systems

In demand, readily available and proven in field riser tension systems.


Why our PROten riser tension systems?

At Aquaterra Energy, all of our PROten riser tension systems use an innovative marine friendly hydraulic system along with SUREgrip tension rings to provide a safe, dependable and field proven conductor tensioning solution. Our riser tensioning equipment is:

  • Ready to go
  • Cost-effective
  • High-quality

The colour coding of our tension cylinders and control panel makes operating individual cylinders simple, and independent operation of cylinders ensures efficient BOP installation. They are designed to withhold a tension capacity between 50 to 300 tonnes, systems are pressure relieved to prevent pulling on any one cylinder.

By using our Aquaterra Express service for the provision of your offshore tools, you will not only reduce the capex on your project, but still ensure a great quality tool is delivered for the job it was intended for, and when it is needed by. The products and tools available through this on-demand solution are supported by our maintenance and service experts. This means you get the same quality you would expect from Aquaterra Energy in a flexible, opex-focused business model.

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Supporting industry decarbonisation goals:

Tensioning systems are required to hold conductor under tension during drilling and completion of a well. Traditional jack-up tensioning systems require up to 2.5 days of rig time for installation and removal of the system. Our PROten Tensioning Unit comes as a basic plug and play system and can provide operational savings of circa two rig days. Using previous service report data, due to its reduced installation and removal time, the operation to be carried out in just half a rig day.

The saving of two day’s operational time equates to 135.42 tonnes of CO2e (using performance data from a mid-range jack-up).


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