AQC Connectors

We’ve developed our own market-leading range of riser system connectors, called the Aquaterra Quick Connectors (AQC).


Designed for efficiency gains

Our AQC connectors have all been designed, developed and qualified by our in-house team of expert riser system engineers to reduce lead-times, capital and operational costs. This patented technology offers unrivalled efficiency gains and enhanced safety during operations.

We’ve designed all our AQC connectors to offer fast and efficient rig make-up, with no loose parts and gas tight sealing technology.

As an OEM for oilfield equipment, we can provide our AQCs as part of a complete installation package, or as standalone items.

It’s a unique offering that gives customers significant technical advantages, as well as both opex and capex savings.

  • OEM designed and tested
  • Fatigue compliant
  • Range of ratings available, from 5-15k PSI
  • Qualified to ISO 13628-7 and/or API 16a

As a drilling riser system specialist, we also supply a variety of other connectors which can be integrated into subsea or surface riser applications, ensuring a fully optimised solution. All connectors can be made available to rent on their own with the complete suite of running and operating equipment, or as part of a complete riser supply. In addition, we can provide a trained team of installers and a full range of installation equipment to assist offshore operation support.

Supporting industry decarbonation goals:

Our AQC riser system connector range offers operators reduced make-up and break-out time during utilisation, versus a standard flange system. This is estimated to save circa one rig day per unit, per well, using previous service report data. The saving of a day’s operational time per unit, equates to 67.71 tonnes of CO2e (using performance data from a mid-range jack-up).

Our AQC connector range

Our range of Aquaterra Energy AQC designed and manufactured riser system connectors include:

  • AQC-SR: Subsea High-Pressure Drilling Riser Systems for HPHT operations
  • AQC-CW: Completion and Workover riser
  • AQC-BC: Surface riser connector

Download our Conductor technical sheet for a full list of bore sizes, pressure ratings and product applications.

We also offer complete riser system solutions, including surface riser systems, high-pressure riser systems and completion and workover riser systems. Speak to our riser system and connector specialists to find out more.


Download the AQC Connector tech sheet

Click here to download.