Surface riser systems

Integrated surface riser system packages from industry specialists, to inspire confidence in your operations.


A collaborative approach that adds value

As an oil and gas OEM, we apply our in-house resources, specialist skills and frontline experience to design, fabricate and install our surface riser systems for deployment worldwide. We supply conventional flanged surface riser systems as well as our range of  AQC-BC connector systems for faster and safer offshore operations. We can work with you to understand your specific challenges and priorities – then develop and deliver the optimum package to suit your project needs.

The analytical capabilities of Aquaterra Energy’s people, combined with our industry-leading operational knowledge of both standard and non-standard riser operations, equip us to take this distinctive partnership approach.

By using our dedicated BOP, wellhead and surface riser AQC-BC quick connectors, our team can reduce running times to save valuable rig time per deployment. The AQC-BC is used to provide a connection between the rig BOP and the riser’s joints below, it can also be utilised as a riser joint connector in its own right, to eliminate the make-up of flanged connections online. Our AQC-BC will significantly cut installation times – under 15 minutes for the manual 18 ¾ 15k box and less than five minutes for the hydraulic option.

Our surface rise systems are available on a stand-alone or packaged basis:

  • A single vendor arrangement, with reduced supply chain
  • A complete, managed service
  • Expert engineering
  • Greater cost savings and efficiencies
  • NACE compliant
  • Variety of sizes and pressure ratings
  • Crossovers to OEM connections
  • Dedicated offline handling – our tools can be constructed, and pressure tested offline
  • For use on intervention, drilling and abandonment campaigns

Aquaterra Energy’s AQC-BC connector has been intelligently engineered and manufactured in strict accordance with API 16A, with a qualification process involving combined loading and pressure and temperature cyclic testing.

Aquaterra Energy brings to bear the industry’s best engineering, project and offshore teams to make your project a success, maximising safety and efficiency while minimising cost and rig-time. Our surface riser systems typically comprise:

  • Riser Analysis
  • Riser system quick connectors (AQC-BC) to eliminate flange connections
  • Low pressure (LP) Overshots
  • Running tools
  • Torque tools
  • BOP quick connectors and test stumps
  • Low-pressure riser systems
  • High-pressure riser systems
  • Tension ring
  • Tension system (optional, depending on rig)


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