Conductor whipstocks

Extending the life of your offshore assets.


At Aquaterra Energy, we can provide conductor whipstocks during slot recovery operations, to enable operators to install a second conductor, having cut and retrieved the first.

  • Robust
  • Cost effective
  • Field proven
  • Safety at heart

Conveyed on a drill pipe via a J-slot running tool, conductor whipstocks run into the existing conductor above the mudline and are orientated to the required heading and locked into position via anti-rotation barbs.

Using robust, cost effective, field proven technology, the Aquaterra Energy in-house team of engineering experts can design a whipstock to suit a wide variety of conductor sizes.

In addition to conductor whipstocks, at Aquaterra Energy we can provide you with detailed installation procedures and any associated whipstock or slot recovery equipment that might be required, such as camera systems and gyroscopes.