Completion and workover riser systems

Our Aquaterra Quick Connect (AQC) technology combines speed and safety for our lightweight, repeat make-and-break completion and workover riser systems.


Trusted completion and workover riser systems

Our completion and workover riser systems are lightweight, high-strength and high-fatigue resistant. All our systems are designed to be efficient, with no wasted materials and use our proprietary AQC-CW connectors to reduce operational time, whilst still ensuring complete system integrity.

We are committed to ensuring our product range evolves over time to meet the ever-changing demands of the modern energy industry. Most recently we launched a completion and workover riser system designed specifically for CCS developments; facilitating low temperature and high-pressure CCS subsea operations.

Our completion and workover riser systems can be deployed from a jack-up, semi-sub or light-weight intervention vessel. It can be used as an open water subsea riser system, surface riser, or inside a riser system, as a landing string. Offered as a standard forged and welded solution or ultra light weight hybrid pipe design for deeper water applications. A further common use for our systems are for well decommissioning projects. 

Our AQC-CW connector has been specifically designed for high-fatigue, multiple make-up and break-out riser applications while maintaining a gas tight, metal-to-metal seal. The AQC-CW connector reduces cost and back off risk versus a traditional threaded and coupled connector while ensuring safety and reliability. Our technology facilitates simple installation to minimise cost and rig time and crucially a means of reliable and repeatable make/break gas tight connection with back-up sealing.

Benefits of our systems and products include:

  • Flexible design suitable for surface, shallow or deep-water applications
  • 5,000, 10,000 and 15,000 PSI rated
  • 7 ¾ Nom Bore (other sizes available)
  • Designed for multiple make and breaks, reducing spare and replacement costs versus a threaded and coupled connector – as well as eliminating back-off risk
  • Cost-effective and expertly engineered
  • Suitable for intervention work
  • Single or dual bore
  • TRT (Tree Running Tool) crossovers to OEM and API connections
  • Wellhead and subsea tree stinger systems

The AQC-CW Riser System is available on a stand-alone or packaged basis. Packages include fully automatic riser spider, umbilical handling and connector make-up equipment.

Aquaterra Energy brings to bear the industry’s best engineering, project and offshore teams to make your project a success, maximising safety and efficiency while minimising cost and rig-time.

Aquaterra Energy’s AQC-CW has been intelligently engineered and manufactured in strict accordance with ISO13628-7 2006 with a qualification process involving fatigue resonance testing, drive-bolt back-off, combined loading to destruction and vibration resistance testing. Learn more about our commitment to safety and compliance.

A demonstration of our subsea HP drilling riser system and AQC connector range


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