Completion and workover riser (AQC-CW)

Our Aquaterra Quick Connect (AQC) technology combines speed and safety with our lightweight, repeat make and break completion and workover riser.


Quick connect completion and workover riser

The AQC Completion and Workover (AQC-CW) Riser is a lightweight, high-strength and high-fatigue resistant completion and workover riser system. Designed to withstand repeat make and breaks while maintaining a gas tight seal, the AQC-CW Connector reduces cost and back off risk versus a traditional threaded and coupled connectors while ensuring safety and reliability. Our technology facilitates simple installation to minimise cost and rig time.

  • Flexible design suitable for surface, shallow or deep-water applications
  • Fast, safe installation using simple hand tooling (shallow water) or provided automated riser spider (deep-water)
  • Designed for multiple make and breaks, reducing spare and replacement costs versus a threaded and coupled connector – as well as eliminating back-off risk
  • Can be used as a subsea riser or inside a riser as a landing string
  • Cost-effective and expertly engineered
  • Operated from a vessel (semi-sub or intervention vessel) or from a jack-up as a surface riser, subsea riser or landing string
  • Suitable for intervention work
  • Single or dual bore
  • TRT (Tree Running Tool) crossovers to OEM and API connections
  • Wellhead and subsea tree stinger systems

The AQC-CW Riser System is available on a stand-alone or packaged basis.

Aquaterra Energy brings to bear the industry’s best engineering, project and offshore teams to make your project a success, maximising safety and efficiency while minimising cost and rig-time.

Aquaterra Energy’s AQC-CW Riser System has been intelligently engineered and manufactured in strict accordance with ISO13628-7 2006 with a qualification process involving fatigue resonance testing, drive-bolt back-off, combined loading to destruction and vibration resistance testing:

  • TRT

    Tree Running Tool crossovers to OEM and API connections

  • 7⅜ inch ID

    Various ID and OD sizes available

  • NACE

    Suitable for sour service applications, rated to NACE standards

  • Stinger systems

    Wellhead and subsea tree stinger systems

  • Design

    10,000 PSI rating (other pressure ratings available), excellent fatigue performance and eliminates back-off risk

  • API 20E

    Using radial bolts compliant with API 20E with back-off and vibration resistant mechanisms

  • Seals

    Using primary metal-to-metal gas-tight seal and back-up elastomeric seal, with ability to pressure test connections on makeup

  • Coating

    Low-friction ID coating to aid fluid transfer and corrosion resistance – prolonging life and minimising offshore maintenance. Thermally sprayed aluminium (TSA) coating applied to the OD for damage and corrosion resistance


Download the Completion and Workover Riser (AQC-CW) product spec

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