Low-pressure overshot

For surface or subsea applications during top hole drilling operations.


Why our Low-Pressure Overshot?

The Aquaterra Energy Low-Pressure Overshot has been designed to support low-pressure riser top hole drilling activities. The Overshot provides a safe and effective method of fluid and pressure containment on any API cut casing or conductor profile and a means of connection to the drilling unit’s diverter system or riser. The overshot can be deployed both at the surface or subsea, having a manual drive bolt or alternative hydraulic seal activation.

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  • Low profile and lightweight design
  • A-LP Dual HNBR Elastomeric Seals
  • Supports all conductor and casing ODs
  • Fast make-up with seal indicator and offline, between seal, pressure test function
  • Simplistic robust design
  • Field serviceable parts


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