Platform / conductor slot recovery

Extend the life of your offshore assets with our slot recovery services.


We offer a safe and cost-effective approach to slot recovery. Our platform or conductor slot recovery services enables operators to confidently reuse a plugged, non-producing well slot on their existing platform infrastructure to drill for fresh services.

Key operations provided by our slot recovery service:

  • Complete management service
  • Study of the seabed geometrics
  • Anti-collision and structural capacity checks
  • Achieve the optimum cutting depths, above or below the seabed

Platform or Conductor slots are a high value commodity to any field development operator, as the most cost efficient method of enhancing production from existing infrastructure.  Recent advances in directional drilling technology, combined with whipstock design, have substantially increased the feasibility of reusing abandoned or redundant slots. 

Using the Aquaterra Energy slot recovery team, you’ll receive a turnkey service, with assistance in the planning, engineering, management and execution of any of your offshore conductor slot recovery operations.