HYTORC tools and equipment

In-demand, readily available HYTORC tools.


We have a supply of HYTORC tools and equipment readily available. HYTORC’s industry renowned industrial bolting systems will enhance your productivity, and therefore significantly reduce your operating costs.

  • Field proven, industry recognised
  • Reduces rig time
  • Leak free bolting solution

HYTORC offers high-quality productivity enhancing solutions for the entire oil and gas industry. Their bolting systems are in use by every major oil and gas company around the world with proven results. Whether it’s speeding up maintenance turnarounds or eliminating production bottlenecks, our stock of HYTORC tools and equipment can help.

By using our Aquaterra Express service for the provision of your offshore tools, you will not only reduce the CAPEX on your project, but still ensure a great quality tool is delivered for the job it was intended for, and when it is needed by.