Wells & risers

Our well and riser solutions are underpinned by deep engineering expertise to reduce rig time.

Flexible, efficient well solutions and riser systems

Our work across riser systems, riser analysis and efficient well initiation is underpinned by our deep engineering expertise ensuring that whatever solution we design, develop and install meets the needs of each client and each application.

At Aquaterra Energy – as an oil and gas OEM – we offer a range of integrated system packages to enhance operations, save rig time and accelerate time to first oil. We offer:

Our team’s operational knowledge feeds into our recommendations, analysis and designs to create systems and solutions that deliver enhanced cost savings and reduced rig time. Offered as integrated packages, or as a standalone service, our riser systems offer flexibility with no wasted materials or need to mobilise multiple personnel – saving valuable bed space and associated mobilisation emissions.

Intelligently engineered connectors for a variety of applications

We offer a choice of connector variants to maximise operations across a variety of applications and environments. This includes our range of AQC connectors, which have all been designed, developed and qualified by our in-house team of expert riser system engineers

Achieving optimisations such as emissions and cost savings

Our riser analysis ethos is grounded in offering clients savings that far exceed the original cost of the work and it’s something that flows through everything we do. To further enhance our clients’ operations, our expert team is perfectly placed to advise clients on how to achieve optimisations such as emissions and cost savings, for example, by using less steel in designs and optimising operating windows.

A one-stop-shop for early well construction and initiation

Aquaterra Energy’s Well Start solution handles all early well construction activities including third-party interfaces, engineering, and equipment. By doing so, we streamline the supply chain, minimise delays and deliver multi-million-dollar savings. This efficient approach to well initiation, reduces rig time to support operator’s decarbonisation efforts and the solution can be repurposed to support eventual decommissioning or repurposing wells for carbon capture and storage.

In-demand, readily available and standardised equipment for well and riser operations

We also have a large inventory of rental tools and equipment available to support a wide range of offshore well and riser operations.