Riser analysis

Expert riser analysis for system design and verification

Riser analysis for enhanced system performance

Aquaterra Energy’s comprehensive riser analysis service verifies and optimises riser or conductor system design to deliver performance improvements and meet international regulations and requirements. We specialise in a range of riser and conductor analysis services, including but not limited to, jack-up high-pressure riser analysis, platform well conductor analysis and tieback analysis. Our highly qualified and experienced team provides in-depth analysis, highlighting specific project needs and building bespoke models to replicate situations in offshore environments, meeting the individual operational requirements of our customers. 

  • Expert analysis
  • Custom design
  • Enhanced performance
  • Tailored approach

At Aquaterra Energy, we believe that any analysis should provide savings to offshore operations that far exceed the original cost of the analysis work undertaken. This is achieved by providing recommendations that help to manage risks and optimise designs, driven by our dedication to a managed analysis service that promotes strong communication and project management. Our highly qualified analysis team has extensive experience and utilises leading industry software that provides the highest standards of analysis.

Our in-depth riser, conductor and detailed design is optimised to ensure that customers receive a solution that is tailored to meet their exact needs for a variety of offshore operations. This level of technical and global expertise is why we consider ourselves market leaders for conductor and riser analysis.