Field development

Early-stage engineering expertise for optimised field development

Independent engineering for field development

Early engineering decisions can have a major impact on the eventual success of a project. Since 2005, we’ve been trusted by clients to help find the best path forwards at the concept design, pre-FEED and FEED stages of field development.

From choosing between a jacketed, monopile or conductor supported platform (CSP), to assessing mobile offshore production units (MOPUs) or subsea developments, we have a wealth of engineering expertise and solutions available to support you in selecting the optimal development option for your project.

Whether accelerating time to first production, reducing overall field development costs, or maximising scope for local fabrication, we help our clients select the best options for their strategic priorities for the field.

  • Concept selection, pre-FEED and FEED stage support
  • Independent engineering expertise – we aren’t tied to one solution or equipment OEM
  • Conversion, platform or subsea routes – we can help you choose and to optimise your chosen approach
  • A focus on maximising local content and development needs

Platforms, wells and risers for any application

At Aquaterra Energy, we develop every offshore platform to meet the specific needs of each project and each client.

Sea Swift is our flagship minimum-facility offshore platform for rapid returns in shallower waters. The platforms are modular by design and range from a single-well mono-pile platform to multi-well designs as CSPs or with jackets, enabling rapid development and swift implementation of site-specific designs.

The Sea Swift platform can be applied in a wide variety of offshore situations, either as a standalone platform or as a bolt-on or tie-back to existing production platforms that need extra capacity. Incorporating the flexibility of Sea Swift into your early-stage decision-making expands your options for field development at the concept design, pre-FEED and FEED stages.

As an expert riser system manufacturer, our risers, riser analysis and efficient well initiation products and services can then solve further early-engineering challenges, with a range of integrated system packages to enhance operations, save rig time and accelerate time to first oil.

Brownfield, maintenance and additions

Looking for early-stage support for a non-greenfield project? Our engineers can also support you with brownfield, maintenance and additions scopes of work.