Topside & jacket cutting and removals

Industry-leading knowledge, skills, and insight that delivers new topside decommissioning solutions.

Leading the way in integrated asset removal services

We bring together our industry-leading knowledge, skills, and insight to create a new topside decommissioning option.

We draw upon our experience of designing and installing jackets and topside structures to offer engineering and removal preparation services ranging from make-safe to structural modelling, loading analysis, and lift-point assessment. Our solutions include:

  • Engineering: facility made safe; structural modelling
  • Offshore preparation: lift points/sea fastening/lift preparation; heavy lift packages for topsides removal
  • Caisson severance: internal cutting tool
  • Dredging and preparation: internal pile dredge; cut point ID
  • Chain driven diamond wire saw
  • Project management: engineering and project co-ordination

And we complement those capabilities with advanced cutting tools and techniques that have been successfully deployed on removal campaigns in energy hubs globally.

We form a fully integrated team to work on your behalf across the workscope spectrum, creating synergies and efficiencies that reflect your operational priorities.