Intelligently engineered offshore platforms

At Aquaterra Energy, we develop every offshore platform to meet the specific needs of each project and each client.

Sea Swift is our flagship minimum-facility offshore platform for rapid returns in shallower waters. The platforms are modular by design and range from a single-well mono-pile platform to multi-well designs, enabling rapid development and swift implementation of site-specific designs. Sea Swift can be applied in a wide variety of offshore situations, either as a standalone platform or as a bolt-on or tie-back to existing production platforms that need extra capacity.

  • Designed with up to 30% less steel than conventional alternatives
  • Modular, flexible design enables in-country fabrication
  • Can be fully powered by renewable energy sources
  • Accelerates time to first oil and gas

Aquaterra Energy’s work in developing innovative offshore platform solutions has earned the company a place in the top rankings of the world’s offshore energy engineering providers. Delivering unique design, fabrication and installation solutions, we work with our international energy customers to achieve maximum safety; reduce platform intervention and maintenance costs; deliver efficient installation, and ensure all of our solutions support the industry’s decarbonisation efforts.

Our specialist engineering expertise and extensive practical experience with offshore platforms allows us to design each project to meet the unique challenges of every client. From initial design concept, analysis, and engineering, to overseeing fabrication and installation, Aquaterra Energy supports clients at every stage of development. Our team can handle all external factors including local logistics, supply chain, and infrastructure to help customers deliver projects on time and on budget.

Our in-house team of highly qualified and skilled offshore structural engineers are responsible for technological advancements in sustainable platformssubsea protective structuresdrilling templatestension decksskidding systems, and more.