Mobile offshore production units (MOPUs)

Mobile offshore production units, or MOPUs, refer to offshore platforms and systems, including wellbay modules, spar and tension decks and jack-ups. They are a versatile and advanced solution to low cost field development, perfect for exploring new or marginal fields.

Why choose us for mobile offshore production units (MOPUs)?

Aquaterra Energy are a world-leading provider of engineering for mobile offshore production units (MOPUs). We are also proudly spearheading the development of the wellbay module concept, as a solution to low-cost field development. The benefits of mobile offshore production units are vast and varied, including but not limited to:

  • Accelerated first production
  • Flexible production
  • Reduced up-front costs
  • Phased field development
  • Lower abandonment cost

Global expertise

We have designed, manufactured and installed wellbay modules and tensioning equipment on MOPUs and mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) in several regions, including the North Sea, Egypt, Asia and West Africa among others. Our team can provide a complete end to end service project solution including conductor/riser analysis, design, fabrication, project management and installation. This is in addition to the ability to project manage and engineer the conversion and delivery of MOPU systems in a range of configurations and applications in order to suit a customer’s individual project needs.

We offer a complete package including:

  • FEED and concept select studies
  • Operational planning and support
  • Structural and mechanical engineering
  • Conversion equipment & services
  • Pre-drilling & suspension
  • Conductor/riser analysis, design, fabrication, project management and offshore installation.

MOPU as field development solution

The use of MOPU’s as an economic means of developing a field is widely known, but often the costs involved in installing a platform to support the production capabilities of the vessel can mean that the finances of marginal developments become unworkable. Using detailed knowledge of how risers behave in varying marine conditions, Aquaterra Energy pushes the boundaries of what are traditionally considered to be the limiting conditions for production risers, unsupported by a jacket.

Operational excellence, wellbay modules

Our detailed understanding of the capabilities of jack-up rigs and the operational requirements of drilling, positions us to offer the overall expertise to specify, design and install wellbay modules, with the potential for successful production on previously unviable fields. Installing a wellbay module on the hull of the MOPU provides development flexibility to use freestanding conductors, tensioned conductors and risers or linking to a lightweight minimum structure. This flexibility provides a range of options for different water depths and well counts. Other benefits include:

  • Custom engineering
  • End-to-end service
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Innovative approaches

A flexible solution for new or marginal fields

For marginal or new fields, we offer enhanced flexibility and versatile solutions. If it becomes clear a fixed platform is not economically viable due to a low required well count, or that the production rates are not what was anticipated, the MOPU can be relocated with minimal construction and logistical requirements. Once a field declines, the mobile offshore production unit can be relocated cost effectively, with lower overall abandonment cost compared to fixed platforms. It also enables companies to begin production and generate income ahead of the complete field development, including when a permanent facility is being constructed, transforming project economics.

We are here to help. You can talk to our expert team about our experience in delivering platform and field development solutions, or browse our offshore platforms page to find out how our team can support your project requirements.