Cement top-up systems

In-demand, readily available and field proven cement top-up systems.


Why our cement top-up systems?

Assurances of cement secures the well foundation and prevents the possibility of any lost time occurring and consequently increased rig costs. They ensure that your conductor performs as designed, and reduces the threat of failure due to an inadequate primary cement job. Ideal for overcoming:

  • ‘Soft Soil’ conditions
  • Washouts
  • Coning

We can provide a wide range of field-proven cement top-up systems, that will provide the capability to pump additional cement into the annulus, between the conductor and the open hole section.

Our cement top-up systems range from simple single point cement injections to multi-staged cement injection systems. Top-up cement hoses can be run from the surface or can be connected to the conductor via an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle).

All of our systems can be disconnected from the mudline hard piping after cement top-up has been completed and can be easily adapted to work in conjunction with a subsea tree installation.

By using the Aquaterra Express service for the provision of your offshore tools, you will not only reduce the CAPEX on your project but still ensure a great quality tool is delivered for the job it was intended for and when it is needed by. 

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