Subsea high-pressure drilling riser systems

Complete seabed-to-surface packages with a proven track record of safe, efficient and reliable performance internationally.


Advanced systems for new rigour and reliability

Aquaterra Energy’s Intelligently Engineered principles are nowhere more evident than in our Subsea High-Pressure Drilling Riser Systems (AQC-SR) for HPHT operations, our ARC-G concentric connector system and our threaded and coupled VAM-TTR system.

We are at the forefront of system advances as we design, make and install high pressure, full bore systems for clients in energy regions internationally. Our complete solutions encompass every facet of riser development and deployment. We are more than a provider of hardware: we are primed to engage with you from the planning phases right through to offshore implementation, to provide a complete service. Our systems are long proven in subsea drilling and completion programmes as well as in support for subsea workovers and jack-up based decommissioning scopes.

  • A single vendor arrangement, with reduced supply chain
  • A complete, managed end-to-end service
  • Expert engineering
  • Suitable for 135/8‘ and 183/4‘ subsea wellheads and trees
  • Greater cost savings and efficiencies
  • Safety Case and formal certification support
  • Reduced installation time due to our proprietary quick connect connectors
  • Solutions for subsea drilling and completion, subsea workovers and jack-up based decommissioning

Supporting industry decarbonisation goals:

Our Subsea Riser Systems enable subsea wells to be drilled efficiently using a jack-up rig, therefore bringing enhanced project efficiency and emission savings, compared to when using a semi-sub.

Semi-sub rigs can suffer more downtime in poor weather conditions and are estimated to take up to 20% more time to complete the same operation, when compared to using a jack-up rig with a subsea riser system. Semi-sub rigs have higher energy consumption, due to the need to be dynamically positioned in place over the well.

Using performance data from a mid-range semi-sub and mid-range jack-up rig, we anticipate that our subsea riser systems, when used with a jack-up rig, can create project savings of 13.44 tonnes of CO2e per day.

Download tech sheet

Download our Subsea Riser Systems product spec sheet including the ARC-G subsea high pressure drilling system, VAM-TTR subsea high pressure drilling system and and subsea high pressure drilling riser systems (AQC-SR).

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