Tension units

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Why our tension units?

In those situations where the use of a riser tension system may not be suitable, we recommend the use of conductor or riser tensioning units, which will also provide the required tension to a riser or conductor.

  • Expert engineering
  • Field proven
  • Safety at heart
  • Complete, managed service

Our detailed understanding of how risers behave, gained from our experience in riser analysis, coupled with our operational knowledge of running and maintaining risers enables us to specify and design systems that accurately meet your specific offshore requirements.

We have provided standard tension unit systems ranging up to 400TE capacity and have the experience to design a system to meet any client’s needs concerning stroke, rotation, lateral load resistance and integration with a rig’s existing tension system.

By using our Aquaterra Express service for the provision of your offshore equipment, you will not only reduce the CAPEX on your project, but still ensure a great quality product is delivered for the job it was intended for, and when it is needed by.

Our units are also available as part of our advanced riser system solutions. Our riser systems are offered as an integrated package, as standalone products or as part of a wider offshore project. This gives customers the choice of how best to integrate our systems into their wider plans.

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