Commissioning and Completions Management System

Dedicated software for the safe and timely start-up of your offshore energy asset.

Why our Digital Commissioning and Completions Management System?

Our Digital Commissioning and Completions Management System (CMS) is our own in-house system that’s dedicated to the safe and timely start-up your offshore energy asset. It brings together Completions, Preservation and Joint Integrity into one easy-to-manage system that is 100% paperless, with downloadable and full-automated reporting built in as standard. The system is designed to make the commissioning and completions of your asset seamless, offering both live and remote reporting.  

Benefits of the system:  

  • Robust database that is scalable for all projects and budgets 
  • Live dashboards, scheduled reporting, punchlists, export to Excel 
  • Web browser interface for easy access anywhere in the world 
  • 100% paperless completions with electronic completions documentation – checksheet, punchlist, workpack and handover 
  • Centralised document storage 
  • Powerful reporting functionality
  • Track and manage change easily and efficiently
  • Electronically create and populate Handover Dossiers quickly and efficiently
  • API interfacing for transfer of live data  

Our approach to commissioning and completions management incorporates our tried and tested digital completions management database that is designed around the key principles of safety, quality, and cost.   

  • Safety – Increased safety by incorporating dedicated system boundaries and gateways during the construction and commissioning phases.
  • Quality – Our database can be used as a single point of contact for all documentation relating to systems completion and certification. Certification can be adapted to your own specific requirements. Powerful live reporting ensures that all stakeholders have focused, and current information at all times.
  • Cost – Database scalability and adaptability ensures that the offering is tailored to your project and budget. Streamlined processes ensure timely commissioning and start-up of your offshore energy asset. 

For more information on our digital commissioning and completions management system, get in touch.