Riser Monitoring System

An offshore digital solution to support increased operational windows and reduced fatigue for your system

Why Riser Monitoring?

Riser and conductor analysis, when completed before an operation occurs, will use environmental data based on previous trends. This will often include conservatisms due to uncertainties in the planning operations, such as wave data being based on representative conditions, rather than real-time data. This conservatism can sometimes lead to unnecessary downtime for your operation.

Aquaterra Energy’s Riser Monitoring system has been developed to overcome these challenges. It’s a digital offshore solution that uses wave radars at the surface and accelerometers and aquadopps mounted along the riser system, to provide operators with real time data from their offshore operations via sensors.

Viewable data:

  • Wave height and period
  • Current profile with depth
  • Accelerations (including power spectral density plots)
  • Rig and platform displacements (including relative rig to platform)
  • Fatigue damage accrued

This data is retrieved when the riser system is pulled and sent electronically back to shore, where our team of experienced riser analysts interpret the data and refine models to match the exact offshore conditions. This allows for increased operational windows and reduced fatigue for your system.

Benefits of the system:

  • Removes conservatisms that are embedded in traditional riser and conductor analysis approaches – leading to better decision making offshore and increased operational uptime
  • With the right system, operators can make informed decisions on using up-to-date and more representative data
  • Monitored data can be used for future riser analysis, improving the analysis models for future operations
  • Choice of sensors, giving flexibility to client requirements
  • Provides an engineered process that links the outputs of the riser analysis with the actual environmental conditions offshore, in an auditable and transparent way

For more information on this product, get in touch with one of our specialists.