Fixed and Floating Offshore Wind Analysis

Expert offshore analysis services, for both fixed and floating offshore wind projects


Expert analysis for enhanced operational performance

There is no such thing as a standardised approach which it comes to an offshore wind project. Corrosion, fatigue, erosion, and more, are all challenges which need upfront consideration and planning when it comes to design, manufacture and operations.

Fixed and floating offshore turbines will both be subject to different combinations of complex wave, current, wind and operational loadings, to name just a few. And this means that finding the correct concept and design for your project is going to be very dependent on several factors – such as water depth, specific environmental conditions, and the turbine design itself.

At Aquaterra Energy, our dedicated and experienced in-house team of offshore analysts work closely with other offshore disciplines to reduce conservatism and find practical and intelligently engineered solutions. We take the stress out of finding that optimal design for your specific offshore wind project – helping to accelerate your time to first operation and a faster return on your investment.

All our analysis is completed using the state-of-the art OrcaFlex software, which we have been using for over 15 years . Our fixed and floating offshore wind analysis services include (but not limited to):

  • Evaluation of different floating/fixed offshore wind turbine concepts
  • Compare and contrast of different offshore support structures
  • Calculation of resonant frequencies in different conditions
  • Calculation of extreme loading on the tower structure and mooring lines
  • Fatigue analysis of the tower structure and mooring lines.
  • Assessment of inclinations of the floating wind turbine system
  • Mooring and anchor design selection and optimisation
  • Optimisation of the mooring line footprint
  • Power cable feasibility and configuration development

Our team have supported the design and engineering for many different fixed and floating marine structures globally. We understand that collaboration is needed, and rather than working in isolation, our project-managed, consultative approach ensures that all offshore analysis work is completed whilst working proactively with all other stakeholders.

To find out more about how our offshore wind analysis services could support your project, please get in touch.

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