Offshore green hydrogen

Intelligently engineered offshore wind and energy solutions to support the production of green hydrogen.

Innovative solutions for offshore green hydrogen production

Offshore green hydrogen has a vital role to play in the global energy industry of the future. But, in order to take its rightful place on centre stage, production must be greatly accelerated. One of the key solutions, we believe, is to combine floating offshore wind and green hydrogen production.

There exists roughly a terawatt of hydrogen demand from existing industries such as steel and cement making, and meeting this would require today’s green hydrogen capacity to expand by orders of magnitude. When factoring in new sources of hydrogen demand such as heating and transport, there is unlikely to be enough hydrogen available to meet demand by the early 2030s.

Offshore provides the much-needed space for electrolyser capacity to be built at speed and scale and meet demands – but this is a major engineering undertaking requiring extensive offshore expertise.

We are playing our role in meeting this challenge by facilitating offshore projects and creating solutions to demonstrate a commercial path to production at scale. We’re also confident, that the production of offshore green hydrogen is potentially, on the cusp of something extremely exciting.

Offshore heritage for the future of the industry

Offshore green hydrogen technology is ready, and the sector has seen unprecedented levels of innovation and ambition in recent times. Today, we are already applying our decades of offshore engineering experience to:

  • Solve the technical challenges of generating green hydrogen in an offshore context.
  • Work as a consultative, collaborative and technology agnostic partner, accelerating green hydrogen production.
  • Integrate the work packages, lead the projects and convene the necessary stakeholders to effectively transform the hydrogen landscape.
  • Resolve the challenges and questions facing the commercial viability of the sector.

Modular, future-proofed designs

The key to success for offshore green hydrogen is the same intelligent, modular approach that has served as the basis for successful oil and gas and offshore wind projects for decades.

Our years of learnings from delivering adaptable solutions to the oil and gas industry can be immediately applied to offshore green hydrogen. For example, we design minimalist green hydrogen platforms which can be rapidly manufactured, transported and assembled by small local yards using minimal facilities.

This focus on intelligence, efficiency and our consultative and collaborative approach provides the project specific solutions needed for green hydrogen to succeed at scale and speed.

These designs are highly replicable, making it more efficient and affordable to manufacture and simpler to upgrade or replace as new innovations are developed. This ensures our designs are future proofed for years to come and ensures early movers can maintain their advantage.

Expertise and excellence from fixed to floating 

Open to working with all partners and with a technology agnostic approach, we can provide bespoke solutions for any offshore green hydrogen project.

From fixed-base to floating, we are ready to translate our expertise and learnings from offshore wind and the oil and gas industry to accelerate green hydrogen production, while reducing the cost and complexity.

Want to learn more about how we can support your offshore green hydrogen project? Explore some of our exciting work in the space, for example, our project with Lyfe and Bore Drilling, for a pioneering offshore green hydrogen jack-up rig production concept.

Green hydrogen is a natural partner for offshore wind

The best wind resources are often located far offshore – making the commercial reality of power export via subsea cable difficult. For wind developers, grid saturation and low power prices threaten significant commercial risks to such projects. At the same time, electrolysers need an abundant supply of renewable electricity to create hydrogen at commercial scale – so why not co-locate the assets?

We can deliver projects using a mixture of flexible new and legacy offshore assets to put the electrolyser where the wind is, giving a steady source of power to the hydrogen producer, and a new customer-base for the windfarm developer. Our Renewables Director, Anne Hause, discusses this and more in our green hydrogen from offshore wind webinar.

Repurposing offshore assets for the industry of the future

We are collaborating with the oil and gas sector as it charts a course through the energy transition. Offshore green hydrogen is an opportunity to repurpose offshore assets and transform the landscape, saving equipment from the scrapyard and improving environmental and financial performance.

Depending on final project details, platforms, pipelines and terminals created for the oil and gas sector can gain a new lease on life in a green energy future by repurposing assets for offshore green hydrogen – preventing environmentally damaging scrapping of operational assets.

Technology agnostic and open to innovation

We are open to collaborating with all industry partners and technologies, enabling us to offer tailor-made solutions for any offshore green hydrogen project.

Whether it involves fixed-base or floating installations, we use our extensive offshore knowledge and experience to accelerate the production of green hydrogen. Our goal is to drive down costs and streamline the process, making offshore green hydrogen production more efficient, accessible, and ultimately, commercially viable. To learn about the transition and acceleration towards innovation, you can read the latest blog from our Managing Director, James Larnder, where he discusses green hydrogens place in the global supply chain. 

A template for the future 

Our approach is designed as a universal template for future green hydrogen projects. We are pioneering the relationship between offshore wind and green hydrogen production, having agreed a landmark deal with Seawind Ocean Technology. For the template to be globally applicable, the design must be deliverable in a broad range of locations. Too complex and it may exceed local manufacturing, logistics and installation capabilities, too large and it may exceed the capacity of available construction vessels.

Our simple solution is to build minimalist green hydrogen setups, such as our Sea Swift platform, that can be rapidly manufactured, transported and assembled by yards and facilities at all scales.

How is green hydrogen produced?

It is important to understand how green hydrogen is produced as it is a pivotal fuel for the energy transition. It is produced through electrolysis, where water is split into hydrogen and oxygen using renewable energy, like wind or solar. This innovative method, essential for a sustainable future, creates a clean, green fuel without greenhouse gas emissions. As a renewable and low emissions solution, green hydrogen stands at the forefront of the shift to a low-carbon world, symbolising a major leap towards a more sustainable energy landscape. It is particularly vital for hard-to-electrify sectors.