Offshore green hydrogen

An innovative new offshore concept for the nascent green hydrogen economy

Rethinking hydrogen, repurposing offshore assets

Green hydrogen is the holy grail for the emerging hydrogen economy. However, while the technology is ready, the sector has struggled to establish a sustainable commercial model so far.

That’s why, along with our project partners, we’re thinking differently about the future of green hydrogen – we’re taking it offshore.

The best wind resources are often located far offshore – making the commercial reality of power export via subsea cable difficult. For wind developers, grid saturation and low power prices threaten significant commercial risks to such projects. At the same time, electrolysers need an abundant supply of renewable electricity to create hydrogen at commercial scale – so why not co-locate the assets? We are using a mixture of flexible new and legacy offshore assets to put the electrolyser where the wind is, giving a steady source of power to the hydrogen producer, and a new customer-base for the windfarm developer.

Our partners

With decades of experience navigating offshore energy challenges and thinking creatively and intelligently to apply the right engineering solutions, Aquaterra Energy is perfectly placed to put together the pieces for this new offshore concept. However, we can’t do it alone.


Lhyfe is a specialist French hydrogen producer which designs, builds and operates modular hydrogen production facilities co-located with sources of green energy.

Borr Drilling

Borr Drilling is a trusted and accomplished partner for drilling operations around the world, and is perfectly-placed alongside Aquaterra Energy to provide the equipment and expertise to bring offshore green hydrogen to life.