Rental tools & equipment

Quality engineering on-demand for flexibility and repeatability

Our rental tools and equipment service, Aquaterra Express, combines our long track record of engineering products and tools for offshore structures with our decades of operational experience.

We offer a wide range of in-demand, readily available, standardised offshore rental tools and equipment available for when you need them most.

It’s not all about one-off, permanent solutions, and services. Equally important to the success of a project are a myriad of recurring, innovative tools and services that are available quickly, and that you can confidently trust to do the job you need them to do.

  • On-demand solutions
  • Intelligently engineered
  • Flexible cost model
  • Operationally ready

Our Aquaterra Express service offers this on-demand, on a lease or rental basis, lowering capex by reducing the need for permanent purchases.

We combine our years of engineering experience to deliver a range of offshore rental equipment and services. Our life-of-field solutions are backed by our maintenance and service experts so our customers get all the quality they expect from Aquaterra Energy, with a flexible business model.

Tools and equipment included in our Aquaterra Express services are vast. From subsea camera systems, connectors and cleaning tools, through to heavy lifting equipment, tension systems, and riser monitoring systems.

Get in touch with our expert team of offshore engineers to find out more.