Tieback stinger

A universal and versatile tool, which can provide a tieback for multiple wellhead configurations.


The Aquaterra Energy Tieback Stinger will reduce the risk of not being able to connect to the conductor stub, whilst increasing the speed of your tieback operations and resulting in significant rig time savings for your project. Our Tieback Stinger is a universal and versatile tool, which can provide tieback for multiple wellhead configurations and provide significant CAPEX savings by removing the need for centralisers on platform wells.  

  • low-cost environmental barrier between the wellhead conductor and the riser string 
  • Weight set – no additional running or setting tools required 
  • Depth markers to aid installation 
  • Suitable for multiple deployments 

A typical Tieback Stinger package consists of:  

  • 1x Tieback Stinger 
  • 1x Environmental Barrier 
  • 1x Riser Connection 

Our Tieback Stinger can be used for a number of offshore operations: 

  • Connection of a riser string to an existing connector 
  • A joint for decommissioning, exploration and production of an existing well 
  • A guide into the conductor 
  • Provides a conduit for connecting the riser string to the wellhead 

It is made from readily available API schedule pipe for ease and speed of manufacture, with excellent bending strength to resist subsea environmental factors. It has a large internal bore to allow for tools to be used with ease, with an angled end to eliminate hang ups and guide the Stinger into the stub during stabbing operations. 

We are also able to provide the specialist tieback engineering and tooling equipment required for customers’ tieback operations, for more information click here.