Conductor & Caisson integrity services

Specialist splash-zone integrity management and repair

At Aquaterra Energy we provide a wide range of offshore conductor and caisson services that support operators to extend the life of aging offshore platform assets. As offshore platform conductors and caissons are typically located in the splash-zone area they are often difficult to access, and due to the positioning, any problems occurring are often unseen.

Our experienced team of engineers take a holistic approach to offshore conductor and caisson integrity management: from top to bottom, inside and out, and through to decom prep and support. Our collaborative and agile approach to projects means we work together with our clients and partners, with a focus on creating innovative, efficient solutions that solve challenges often presented by late-life assets.

  • A complete project-management, engineering, and equipment service
  • From concept to operational closeout
  • Qualified and experience offshore crews
  • Solutions encompass the integrity cycle to manage risks

Our teams utilise world class technical innovations, engineering, and tooling services to deliver our efficient splash-zone integrity management and repair solutions, such as:

  • Inventory and condition inspection
  • Risk Assessments
  • Integrity and repair strategy
  • Repair optioneering, inspection and repair management and operations
  • Marine growth removal and inspection tooling
  • Bespoke tooling development in support of operations

We can support with:

Inspections and tooling

We provide world class technical innovation and tooling for the cleaning and inspection of conductors in the splash zone area, utilising remote tooling and proven deployment techniques.

Risk assessments pre and post-inspection

Our in-house team of conductor analysts can provide efficient and cost-effective dynamic analysis to help you understand if any action is required before undergoing any works, for example, can the conductor withstand storm loading and/or to provide the minimum required thickness of grouped well designs. Post inspection, if found the conductor is below the minimum required thickness, analysis can support to remove any conservatisms, developing a dynamic model accounting for marine growth, soil profile and guide gaps. If action is required, our team can advise and provide an optimised solution.

Repair management and tooling

As experts in the splash-zone area, whatever the water depth, we’ll have a solution. Our repair scopes consist of:

  • Repair option identification and selection
  • Repair FEED
  • Repair Design
  • Fabrication and quality control
  • System Integration Trials
  • Installation operations

We offer a range of conductor repair designs to address common structural issues, as well as the tooling required to carry out operations safely and efficiently.

Commercial and operational de-risking

We also offer a consultancy service where we take the lessons, experience and expertise built on our team’s extensive knowledge of the splash-zone area and help our clients to apply those strategies to their own operations.

Our “early engagement, disruptive thinking” approach uses proven processes and combines an understanding of commercial and operational de-risking. We aim to minimise risk and maximise value, to ensure our clients meet the engineering and cost challenges of today.

  • Project assessment and framing
  • Focus on life of field and late life production
  • Problem solving approach

Our aim is to deliver projects that work in harmony with our client’s own processes, one that takes in all considerations to minimise risk and maximise value.

We have the tools, systems, and people to manage projects from concept to delivery, supported by a specialist product procurement team and an established supplier base.

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