Subsea protective systems

Complete solution for all subsea protection requirements.

Why our subsea protective structures?

Aquaterra Energy provides a complete solution to all subsea protection requirements, ensuring design and optimisation meet each specific project’s needs. We supply a range of subsea protective structures for subsea equipment, including subsea trees and wellheads to PLET’s and PLEM’s, as well as alternative smaller deflector structures.

  • Flexible sizing
  • Subsea protection
  • Complete service
  • Reduced costs and increased efficiencies

These protective structures can be fully overtrawlable and withstand trawl and dropped object loadings, in line with standards specified by Norsok U-001 and ISO 13628-1.

We also provide alternative smaller deflector structures, which are greatly reduced in size and lighter in nature. These structures can provide a temporarily suspended subsea wellhead protection from dropped objects whilst at the same time, due to being fully enclosed, to help deflect fishing activity and other debris with their sloped sides. Deflector structures can easily be installed from a drilling rig with Aquaterra Energy providing the necessary procedures, personnel and equipment, including running tools, drill string orientation tools and subsea cameras to enable fast and efficient installation.

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