Complete centraliser packages for a range of operational requirements.


Why our centralisers?

The use of centralisers across your operations are vital in terms of protecting the conductor between the platform structure and the well. We’re experienced in providing complete centraliser packages for a range of operational requirements; from their initial design, through to project management and installation, including bespoke centraliser designs across a variety of operations. Benefits:

  • Reduce conductor movement and damage to the jacket guide and conductor
  • Significantly reduce flowline and tree movement
  • Provides concentricity
  • Improve fatigue life, strength and stability

Our in-house team of experienced design engineers provide stringent finite element modelling to present an optimum design which meets industry codes and standards; requiring no maintenance and guaranteed to last for the full life span of the asset.

For bespoke requirements we can provide designs for:

  • Fixed blade conductor centralisers
  • Drop-in retrofit centralisers
  • Offset retrofit centralisers
  • Inner casing centralisers
  • Adjustable cellar deck centralisers
  • Polymer centralisers
  • Remotely adjustable centralisers.

All designs can be varied, dependent on service life, expected conductor / casing string movement and environmental loading.

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