SUREgrip tension ring

On-demand, readily available quality engineering equipment.


Why our SUREgrip tension ring?

Aquaterra Energy’s SUREgrip tension rings are quick and simple to install, saving rig time and simplifying drilling operations.

  • Ready to go
  • Cost effective
  • Field proven
  • Expert engineering

Designed for use across all riser surfaces, SUREgrip tension rings can be installed at any height and within any position and they can be reused. They are available in a variety of sizes, both standard and slimline. Plus SUREgrip tension rings include a safety mechanism to prevent loss and have been third party verified and tested as standard.

By using our Aquaterra Express service for the provision of your offshore equipment, you will not only reduce the capex on your project, but still ensure that high quality equipment is delivered for the job it was intended for, and when it is needed by.

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