Global oil demand is set to grow from 28 billion barrels to 32 billion barrels through to 2050, according to the IEA’s 2021 World Energy Outlook.


These figures show that oil demand is not about to disappear anytime soon, and may in fact increase, given that fact, the question then becomes the best way to meet that demand.


There are parts of the world – such as West Africa – that are investing heavily in new greenfield projects, but brownfield assets will have a part to play too, especially in more mature fields such as those in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico. Some of these will need to be retired and decommissioned, yet for many others there is life in them yet, but for want of some intelligent engineering.


Are you curious about the engineering challenges and the different approaches you can take to redevelop and repurpose a brownfield asset?


In this webinar, our speakers will explore the role of brownfield projects in meeting the raising global demand for oil & gas and the engineering considerations for redeveloping and repurposing existing assets.


We’ll be discussing: 

  • Extending capabilities to add additional wells to a platform
  • Engineering considerations for extending the life of a platform
  • How brownfield developments can support the energy transition