The oil and gas industry faces growing pressure to curb production costs and timescales due to a perfect storm of an energy security crisis, surging supply chain costs and a challenging investment climate for fossil fuel projects.

With banks under pressure to stop investing in new fossil fuel projects and inflation driving up interest rates on loans, there is a growing financial imperative to reduce project costs and produce faster returns on oil and gas investments.

Couple this with an added pressure from the UK Government’s energy security strategy  to accelerate production in the North Sea, it is clear new approaches in drilling and project management are needed to fulfil demand quickly.

In this technical webinar, our Innovation Director, Ben Cannell does a deep dive into pre-drilling approaches to fast-track production, and therefore return on investment, via well re-entry and tieback engineering.

What’s covered:

  • Pre-drilling and suspension: How drilling templates, tieback engineering and alternative project management philosophies can reduce project times and accelerate time to first oil or gas
  • Well re-entry for platform wells: how to tieback a well to put it in production faster
  • Different project scenarios of well re-entry with real world examples of overcoming associated complexities.