A study of young people aged 12 to 25 has found that almost one third (32 percent) of respondents consider engineering as a potential career path, despite some misperceptions about engineering itself.

The research carried out by social enterprise MyKindaCrowd found that while the respondents would consider a career in engineering, many held over-simplified or incorrect assumptions about the industry. Over a third (34 percent) of respondents associated engineering with physical labour, and 87 percent saw the car industry as the main reference point for the industry.

Another survey carried out by MyKindaCrowd found that more than half of teachers believe their students would be interested in a career in engineering. A total of 93 percent of teachers also want to be more closely involved with businesses in order to help them build practical skills and knowledge for their students.

Eric Dole, Regional Director – Europe at Aquaterra, said: “Aquaterra Energy has made significant commitments over the past year to help guide more young people into promising careers in engineering, and this study from MyKindaCrowd confirms that young people find engineering both an interesting and viable career choice; despite some misconceptions about the industry.

“Aquaterra Energy has already seen fantastic results with its apprenticeship programme giving apprentices vital hands-on experience in the industry and the opportunity to start a long-lasting and prosperous career.”