05/01/2010Aquaterra Energy has proudly been awarded ISO 14001 certification for their Environmental Management System.

Aquaterra recognises that it has a corporate responsibility for managing its environmental impact and this policy has been deployed throughout setting up the system over the past ten months.

The Environmental Management System has been developed as the principle means of ensuring Aquaterra’s operations and projects have a systematic method of managing their environmental impact. The project has been a resounding success with the NQA auditors, who registered Aquaterra as compliant with ISO 14001, complimenting Aquaterra’s approach and professionalism.

Aquaterra’s QHSE Manager, Doug Lawrie commented: “It has become clear that our customers also take their environmental responsibilities seriously, this award provides confirmation that Aquaterra strives to meet their expectations. Aquaterra customers, both present and future will be able to reflect upon our commitment to managing our environmental aspect and its level of impact. Our ISO 14001 certification provides them with the extra level of confidence that we not only provide excellent levels of service but embrace their expectation in relation to the environment.”

Through ISO 14001 Aquaterra will continue to control the environmental impact of their activities, products and services and will continually improve their environmental performance.