Aquaterra Energy Ltd and Plexus Holdings plc (POS.L) have signed an agreement to jointly supply High Pressure/High Temperature dual barrier marine risers utilising Plexus’ POS-GRIP technology to provide a safer, technically superior and cost efficient solution for use on jack up rigs, initially in the North Sea.

Aquaterra Energy are experts in the design and operation of high pressure riser systems and related services, deployed from jack up drilling rigs. Plexus is an oil and gas engineering services business and owner of the proprietary POS-GRIP friction-grip method of wellhead engineering.

Eric Doyle, AE Sales Director, commented “The newly developed dual barrier high pressure high temperature riser system that Plexus and Aquaterra will offer will be an industry-leading development for access to high pressure, high temperature wells. Aquaterra are hugely excited about this mutually beneficial collaboration and the operational benefits that our clients will see.”

Under the agreement, Plexus will provide 18-3/4″ 15,000 psi jack up wellhead systems from its existing POS-GRIP rental equipment inventory and Aquaterra will provide riser analysis, rental riser systems and associated components.

The new product will help companies, initially in the North Sea, to save on operating and capital expenditure, improve safety, reduce tension caused by high pressure, prevent potential leaks and withstand environmental and operational conditions over the life of the product.

Mark Boyd, AE’s Chairman, added “Aquaterra’s engineers were pioneers of the very first high pressure riser systems in the North Sea, which were typically deployed on lower pressure wells. The double skin/dual barrier, comprising a pressure retaining well control string and an external secondary high pressure riser conduit, can offer improved operational safety and peace of mind, supporting our clients’ well integrity requirements when working in HPHT environments.”