Aquaterra has sailed through numerous quality audits in the last few months, achieving impressive results for their commitment to Quality, Health & Safety and the Environment.

An audit by NQA assessed the company’s quality management standard ISO 9001 and FPAL reviewed Aquaterra’s class of service as a supplier. The audits were passed with flying colours and extremely positive feedback was received from the auditors.

QHSE Manager, Doug Lawrie said, “The auditors were impressed by our attention to detail and commitment to quality. Our warehouse had several visits from the auditors and was consistently remarked upon as being an organised and well kept facility. As the focal point for onsite health and safety, this is obviously great feedback and rewards the efforts we make and the high standards we keep.”

Aquaterra received excellent ratings from FPAL on the Verify Health & Safety, Environment and Competence & Training audit, scoring 6.9 for Competence and Training, 8.2 for Health and Safety and 8.3 for Environment. This has boosted the company’s FPAL performance rating and helps to highlight areas for development within the company.

Doug Lawrie commented, “Achieving high results gives our clients the assurance that as a team we deliver excellence. We also want to continually improve our services and expertise and audits help us to identify areas where there is still room to grow and excel.”